About company

CEO EnglishHydrotechnology is the company specializing in the manufacture of equipment and construction the mining enterprises developed by Atrushkevich technologies for the coalmining using an underground closed-cycle. Scientists of the company have developed a scientific and technically based economic and effective underground technology for coal mining with hydraulics . Company workings have begun an industrial application in the mechanical-hydraulic technology of the coalmining with the underground closed-cycle in Russia, Ukraine, India, Canada, China, Germany, Japan.

Nowadays the coalmining technology has been developed by the hydraulic way using a new technical and economic level. The collective of scientists the company under the guidance of the Professor, Academician and General Director, Dr.Sci.Tech Atrushkevich has developed a full complex of the equipment and has mastered the new technological processes of the extraction and processing of mountain mass which do not have analogues in Russian and foreign coal industries. It helps to provide high, economic efficiency and ecological cleanliness of the manufacture of a coal concentrate directly on mine.

Created: the stepping-supporting machine providing steady movement on inclined developments and dredging of coal layers in short faces of heights to 6 m; a screw glass-fiber racks time support, possessing high bearing ability; chisel machine tools, the delivery installations fastening structures, the constructions of anchors providing a positive control by the condition of a file on a contour of preparatory mountain developments; a complex of the equipment for a pulp dehydration and clarification process water using in the underground closed -cycle; crushing-classifying machines providing the process of mountain mass and release the coal concentrate.

The new complex technology of hydraulic coalmining is a scientific and technically base for the high profit working coalmining enterprises. The process of modernization coalmining enterprises helps to provide decreasing of the extraction’s cost price . Scientists of the company have developed the technology, the project is executed, the equipment is made and in 1997 the Terentevsky economically highly effective and ecologically pure complex of hydraulic clearing of railway cars has been built.

The company carries out projects, develops and makes the equipment, builds and hands over on a turn-key basis local hydro-sites on a coal mining, technological complexes of mountain mass, makes personnel training, renders consulting services on various industries.